Our Expertise


It is always quite intriguing to know that delivering high quality products at a faster pace and with reduced cost is a challenging assignment for all the chip development companies across. Often many chip manufacturers do have their initial struggle with complex development processes.

The expert professionals at HySoC make a difference in their deliverables

We understand that having a pool of intellects who get assembled at one place, they create a transformational ecosystem which inspires everyone to achieve their laurels.  This is what we at HySoC Technologies is built upon, as we remain competitive and at the same time have pace with the recent technological breakthroughs which keeps happening at an enormous rate.

The team that we have hand-picked, maintain high level and flexibility in the way they work and demonstrate innovation at every level and produce results beyond the expectations of the customer.

Our expert professionals make a difference

When great minds get together at one place, they inspire us in doing great things. That is what we at HySoC Technologies have built over the years of technological journey.

We have a collaborative technical team who has expertise in the following areas:

 Have a track record of delivering high complex System on Chips (SOCs), with high quality which reduces the productizing window.

 The team is built with innovation in mind which brings technological solutions for CPU, GPU, Southbridge integrations in one single chip modules (SCM) and networking chipsets.

 Horizontal expertise like micro-architecture SV/UVM, C/C++ based IP/SOC Verification, SOC integration, Synthesis, DFT, timing closure, GLS, FPGA and silicon validation.

 Extensive vertical functional expertise on processors, chipsets, multimedia, networking, memory controllers, protocols like WLAN, coherency CCIX/CHI, AXI, Ethernet, USB/PCIE, UFS etc.

We specialise in conceiving the design until it reaches the delivery phase

HySoC Technologies have been the epicentre in the marketplace which takes its pride in having a team of professionals who are capable to handle the project right from defining the concept till it reaches its delivery phase. The entire spectrum of such a projects gets prominence with reference to:

❖  Cost Analysis

❖  Performance and Power Analysis

❖  Micro Architecture Exploration & Analysis

❖  Design & Verification

❖  Emulation

❖  Physical Design

❖  Test Vector Generation SI-readiness tools

❖  Software readiness


HySoC Technologies founded in 2016, having headquarters in Hyderabad, India., led by passionate technology experts.

HySoC Technologies excels in providing turnkey product design and support complete spectrum of VLSI design services, thereby producing high performance, high quality.