Design and Implementation


HySoC has in-depth expertise in the areas concerned with system architecture and creating designs which are compatible to Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Field Programmable Gate arrays (FPGAs).

Our array of embedded design services can help organizations transform an idea to a product reducing the time-to-market.

Areas of Expertise to name a few

 Architecture and Micro Architecture

 Creating designs which are compatible to ASIC and FPGAs and porting the designs to FPGA.

Track record of successful chip/system development from the specification

Proficient in complete CHIP/SoC development methodologies & flows

 Domain expertise in programmable processors for networking, video and audio applications

 Domain expertise in networking protocols like ethernet, TCP/IP, WLAN etc

 Proficient in memory controller designs like DDR

 Design and verification of on-chip and off-chip serial/parallel bus protocols

 Synthesis, Timing analysis and closure

 Work closely with Physical Design teams for design closure


HySoC Technologies founded in 2016, having headquarters in Hyderabad, India., led by passionate technology experts.

HySoC Technologies excels in providing turnkey product design and support complete spectrum of VLSI design services, thereby producing high performance, high quality.